About Harvey Mandlin
DGA director on honorable withdrawal.

My shorts and education films, made on near-zero budgets, took top awards, were broadcast around the world and, even after years, still sell and are used in schools at all levels. My first came but one vote from an Oscar nomination.

Sidetracked, I was director / DP on national commercials for: Coke, 7UP, Sanka, Excedrin, Kellogg's, Milton Bradley - whatever. My reputation was for top quality on difficult deadlines. I was well paid, but my best, most exciting work was on $300 'experimental' commercials never intended for broadcast.

As a photographic illustrator I found pigeonholing the nature of the biz. Each art director had a different take on my 'genius': Children (34 books), lighting, exotic technical problems and aesthetic puzzles.

I've been called: Visionary, failure, stunning success, protean mensch, sometime snob, plain talker, democrat, social libertarian, gourmand, and idiosyncratic demi-intellectual. I prefer anonymity to fame and the joy of creation to the fun of crowing about it.

Life (marriage, deaths, children, company building and other obligations) took up many years. Now it's time to do what I love.

I am absolutely committed to making films in which all involved can take pride and 'with a little bit of luck, that may also blow 'em all away'.

Naturally, I'd be delighted to collaborate with an imaginative producer or established actors who seek a challenging, Oscar-worthy showcase, perhaps in roles for which they've never been considered.

Photo: Bob Hankins

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